A World Where Pain is Archaic

Paradise Engineering Studios believes that happiness, in its many forms, is a fundamental right of all sentient beings. We aim to harness BLTC’s vision of a world without suffering to the production of strategic cultural assets that will take paradise engineering into the cultural mainstream.


Step into the vibrant heart of Paradise Engineering Studios, where our friendly and enthusiastic team is passionately committed to building a brighter future for all. United by our belief that happiness is a fundamental right for all sentient beings, and inspired by BLTC’s transformative vision of a world without mental and physical pain, we leverage our diverse skills to craft audiovisual experiences designed to bring paradise engineering to a global audience.

Produced by

Duarte Baltazar - Founder of Utopian Focus

In collaboration with


We wholeheartedly value contributions of any size, as they directly support the growth and upkeep of the project and help in spreading the BLTC mission across the globe.

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